The thing about Primrose Rambleton is, she loves to ramble around. If she were human, she might be considered a nomad. But as a fairy, it’s perfectly acceptable for her to flit from place to place. Today, she ended up in Kendallville, where she found the Vintage Marketplace. What a wonderland for her to explore!

Keep an eye out for Primrose as she darts between tables and racks. She might be poking her nose into the pumpkins, peeking at the items for sale, or popping over to the delicious smelling food available downtown.

Her home is always decked out for fall (it's her favorite season!), no matter where in the world she is. Primrose’s door is pretty large, but don’t let that fool you. With a snap of her fingers, it can transform into a tiny nugget and place it right in her satchel as she makes her way to her next destination.

Primrose also loves to come downtown for the annual Fairy, Gnome and Troll Festival in May. She loves to stay awhile downtown, so she can visit with her fairy friends and gnome gals and guys. She’s even been known to visit the nearby trolls!

Look for her while you can – during downtown festival and events.  When these events are over, Primrose will be gone, on her way to other adventures. But you can bet she’ll be back soon, with new tales to tell of where she’s been!

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