Project Partners:  Beth Munk, Jenna Anderson, Nick Hayden, Angie Kidd, Cathy Schoon, Kristen Johnson, Lynnette Leamon, Suzanne Handshoe

Hi! My name is LeeLa the fairy. Thank you for visiting me!

Let me tell you a little about myself….I have a love for all things sweet! Give me some sugar, flour and eggs and I’ll turn it into something delightful - stop inside my shop and see! (Pssstttt….try the chocolate chip cookies! You won't be disappointed!)

What I love most about my job is cake decorating. It has always been my passion. I love unique ideas that keep me guessing. From wedding to anniversary and birthday cakes, I love to create! I have worked REALLY hard to be able to create the things I do.


While working another job, I find-tuned my love of cake by teaching myself all the classic and trendy ideas. I made cakes and treats for friends and family just to be able to learn.

When it came time to find my very own place, I was nervous. I looked at several different doors and none of them felt right…until now. When I walked through this one I knew this was it! Time to do what I love FULL TIME!

So WELCOME! Welcome to my home, my heart, my pride. Hang out for a bit and have a treat or stay for lunch! Some days….if the timing is right….you can catch me in action doing what I love the most. See you inside!

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