Project Partners:  Beth Munk, Jenna Anderson, Nick Hayden, Angie Kidd, Cathy Schoon, Kristen Johnson, Lynnette Leamon, Suzanne Handshoe
Fairies, gnomes and trolls are the most secretive of all creatures.  They are rarely seen, and prefer to do their magic at night, under the cover of darkness.
The city of Kendallville has invited these mystical creatures to become a part of our local community!
Most are friendly, but very shy.
So PLEASE . . . don't disturb them. We don't want them to become frightened and leave. 

Your ADVENTURE Awaits!

CLICK HERE for your guide to
Fairy Doors,
Gnome Homes & Troll Troves
located around
the city of 

Below are some common Q&A to help you become familiar with the project.

WHAT IS IT?   Fairy doors, gnome homes and troll troves are located at various organizations throughout the community, and each "home' has it's own unique story, which you can access via a QR code when you are in their neighborhood.

WHAT DOES IT COST?   AdVenture Noble County is a free, self-guided adventure for anyone visiting Kendallville.

HOW DO I GET MY OWN FAIRY OR GNOME HOME?  It just so happens that there is a long list of fairies, gnomes and trolls just waiting to move to Kendallville!  All they need is permission to build their new home outside of your business or public location.  If you are interested in allowing one of these (mostly) lovable creatures to move in, CLICK HERE for more information and an application.

Noble County

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