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122 N Orange Street


Doc and Hattie �Hardware� Hammerstone

Welcome to the home of Doc and Hattie “Hardware” Hammerstone. These two diligent and hard-working gnomes are known around Albion and Noble County as the “fixers” of all things broken.

Whether it’s a busted pipe, a broken window, or a creaky door, these two can fix it with a snap of their fingers (and a pinch of magic). And sometimes…a tiny bit of duct tape.​

One of the Hammerstone’s favorite past-times is cracking walnuts, which they do with their teeth before carefully feeding them to the black squirrels that are unique to this are of the county. Sometimes, as a thank you, the squirrels will take them on a ride around the courthouse square to see the flowers blooming. ​

Feel free to leave a few walnuts at their door to let them know you were here. The Hammerstones (and the squirrels) would really appreciate it!

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