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Penny Pink Eye & Princess Pupil

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Drs. Roush & Will Optometrists

815 Trail Ridge Road


Penny Pink Eye & Princess Pupil

Once upon a time, two fairy sisters were traveling through Albion from Neverland when suddenly, Penny Pink Eye had an itch in her eye. It began to turn red, and the more she rubbed it the worse it itched! Her sister, Princess Pupil flew over to her rescue and when she did, a tiny bug flew into her eye, causing her own irritation and discomfort. Fortunately for both of them, they were close to the optometrist’s office of Drs. Roush and Will. They decided to make a visit.

While there, Dr. Roush discovered Penny Pink Eye had a nasty case of conjunctivitis. He also took a close look at Princess Pupil and was able to get the wee little bug out of her pretty blue eyes. He supplied them both with a pair of protective sunglasses to keep the sun out of their eyes as they continued on with their journey.

The fairies thanked Dr. Roush for coming to their rescue and decided to move in nearby – just in case they ever needed his assistance again.

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