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Trolls Sylvester & Sandy Stoggins

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Sundaes on Sylvan

253 Kelly Street

Rome City

Trolls Sylvester & Sandy Stoggins

Did you ever wonder where the colorful sprinkles for your ice cream came from? Sylvester Stoggins the Troll that lives here plants them in the ground (under the shop) each spring. He picks them through the summer for Sundaes on Sylvan to use on your tasty ice cream sundaes and cones. Sprinkles are like happy magic to the Fairies and Gnomes of Rome City. Do they make you smile?

Sylvester’s wife, Sandy loves to mix flavors to create new ice creams. She mixes this and that and it tastes great. She is very talented. Sandy is the one who invented the “Big Kahuna” which is a giant bowl of ice cream. It often takes five to ten people to eat all the ice cream. It is like a game to see who can eat it all the fastest. People who eat this big bowl of ice cream get their pictures taken in the giant chair near the road. The Gnomes, Trolls and Fairies secretly get their photos there too when no one else is around.

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