Hickory (pronounced HICK-OR-REE) is a type of tree found here in Indiana (and other places) which grows a particular type of nut, called a hickory nut, that resident gnome Shagbark McDunnah loves the most.  Shagbark likes to grind them up and mix them into a steaming cup of coffee to add a nice hickory flavor.  He also uses them to make his delicious hickory cakes, which he often serves to the residents here at Hickory Creek. 

Shagbark has many friends here, but he’s especially fond of a local squirrel named Trickmonkey, who is often seen around Kendallville running along the power lines overhead.  Trickmonkey is an excellent nutcracker (as are most squirrels), and often cracks the hickory nuts for Shagbark to cook with.

When these two get together, you can often hear the nuts cracking and Shagbark’s tummy grumbling, which sounds a little like a kitten’s purr.

While you’re here, be sure to also say “hello” to the residents inside!  They love to see friendly, new faces.

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