Brothers Simon and Barclunkle used to live under a bridge, but one day the water beneath the bridge became troubled and sadly, washed the bridge away.  Finding themselves homeless, Simon and Barclunkle moved to a nearby cave where they stayed for a few months.  But they just couldn’t stand the constant sound of silence in the cave, and so they decided to move again.  This time, they chose a spot that was just right for them -- right here at ProFed in Kendallville.  There’s hardly ever any silence to hear, what with all the click-clacking of shoes from the people going in and out of the building.  And there is a nice field nearby where they can hunt for mice and other small, fuzzy creatures.

Simon and Barclunkle are usually very well-behaved (for trolls, that is).  But, every so often they do get a bit rambunctious.  For example, sometimes late at night you can hear them having a “loudest burp” contest, which shakes and rattles the building, setting off the alarms inside.  Other times they’ve been known to spread sticky spider webs across the pillars of the building, and then hiding in wait for someone to accidentally walk through them.  Yuck!

But Simon and Barclunkle aren’t all bad.  They keep a clean house, pay their bills on time, and take good care of their pet worm, Fishfood.

If you want to leave a gift for Simon and Barclunkle so that they don’t play a prank on YOU, I suggest toenail clippings for their collection, or armpit hair for their bed-stuffing.

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