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Are Trolls Friendly?

 Yes and no.  Different trolls have different characteristics.  Some just want you to pay a toll before passing by their door, which can be as simple as a penny or a small stone.  Others are much more defensive of their property and may become angry, if provoked. If a troll isn't being very friendly, the best way to calm it is to keep talking! Trolls are not very clever, and can often be fooled with a story or song. 

What Do Trolls Look Like?

While very few people have actually seen a troll up close, those who have often compare them to goblins.  They might have large ears, a large nose, and facial warts.  Trolls are usually short and stout, with a pronounced belly.

About the Noble County Trolls...

While Noble County has invited Fairies and Gnomes to live here in our community, some trolls have tagged along, too.  Not that trolls are all bad, but they do tend to have a reputation for causing trouble. 


For example, some trolls have been known to cause mischief by placing squirrel droppings on the sidewalk…making a stinky mess on the bottoms of people’s shoes.  Others have been known to charge a toll for passing by their door (those who don’t pay might find a small stone in their shoe). 


The local authorities have been notified of the various locations of troll troves, so that they can patrol and make sure that no troll is creating havoc for visitors and passersby.

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