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Some say that they live only a season, while others say about 600 years. A fairy can live however long you want it long as you believe.

How Long Does a Fairy Live?
Do Fairies Bring Good Luck?

Fairies DO bring good luck! It is said that if you plant a miniature garden for fairies something magical happens.

The reason to attract fairies to your garden is that they bring good luck and happiness. If you're lucky enough to meet one, then you get three wishes.

What Do Fairies Eat?

Fun Fairy Facts

While you probably will never actually see a fairy eating, it is something they enjoy doing and they usually gravitate towards healthy and natural foods like fruits. Fairies love fruits of any kind, but especially berries because they're small and sweet, just like the fairies themselves.  There are some fairies, though (such as the Sugar Fairy and the Pizza Fairy), who enjoy eating other types of foods.

What Type of Gift is Appropriate to Leave for a Fairy?

First of all...fairies love ALL things sparkly!  Jewels, fallen stars, or anything else that glitters.  Fairies also love acorns, pine cones, and tiny pieces of drift wood, as they make excellent fairy furniture.  Of course, different fairies like different things, so be sure to check out the information on our fairy door page to learn more about each family.  

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