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Fairies, gnomes and trolls are the most secretive of all creatures.  They are rarely seen, and prefer to do their magic at night, under the cover of darkness.
Noble County has invited these wonderful creatures to become a part of our community, bringing their joy, magic and mystical talents with them.
Most are friendly, but very shy.
PLEASE . . . do not disturb them. We don't want them to become frightened and leave!
Explore this site to learn about
Fairy Doors,
Gnome Homes
& Troll Troves
in Noble County!

Your Adventure Awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS IT?   Fairy doors, gnome homes and troll troves are located at various locations throughout the communities in Noble County, Indiana. Locations for them to reside are provided by area businesses and organizations. Each fairy, gnome and troll has their own unique story, which you can access on our virtual tours here, or by taking a live tour using our interactive live tour map. When you find a home, you can also scan a QR code located at the residence to read their story on your mobile device.

WHAT DOES IT COST?   Adventure Noble County is a free, self-guided activity for anyone visiting northeast Indiana and Noble County.

HOW DO I GET MY OWN FAIRY OR GNOME HOME?  It just so happens that there is waiting list of fairies, gnomes and trolls who want to move into Noble County! All they need is permission to build their new home outside of your business or publicly accessible location. If you are interested in allowing these (mostly) lovable creatures to move in, CLICK HERE and apply! 

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