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Start your adventure!

Choose a Tour Method:

Treasure Hunt
Head out and begin looking for doors in communities in Noble County. When you see a door, use a mobile device to scan the QR Code, or use your device's web browser to open the URL posted. Once on the website, use the directory to find the location (by sponsor location and name), then click on the pink house to read about that door's inhabitants.

Google Map

Use the interactive Google Map to navigate to doors across Noble County and click on any home marker to find and click on the link to read about the door's inhabitants. 

Virtual Tour:

You don't even need to leave your house! Meet the fairies, gnomes and trolls in each community by first choosing a community (use the menu above), then clicking on any door in that community's photo gallery to read about the inhabitants. 

Find them all

Download an Adventure Checklist to help keep track of which doors you have discovered and how many more to go!

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