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Lumtess Linenstitcher

Sponsored by:

ABC Embroidery

575 Weber Road


Lumtess Linenstitcher

Lumtess Linenstitcher is a talented seamstress gnome, who spends his days putting holes in buttons and protecting the ABC Embroidery building and everything in it. Lumtess has several hobbies, which he enjoys when he’s not working at the shop. For example, sometimes, in his spare times he is known to hang out with other Albion gnomes, getting dirty in the woods and stomping in mud puddles. He also enjoys playing old gnome-town melodies on his favorite instrument – a fresh, green blade of grass. You may find thread or material scraps near Lumtess’ door from time to time, as he never throws anything away. You never know when you might need a little corner of pink polka-dotted cotton to finish a project!

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