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Henry Hearthhugger

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Albion Pizza Depot

112 N Orange Street


Henry Hearthhugger

What’s your favorite kind of pizza? Mine is sugar beet, marmalade and roasted sweet corn, topped with lots of extra cheese! Mmmmm….it’s the best! You should try it sometime.

I’m Henry, by the way. Henry Hearthhugger, to be precise. I’ve lived here at the Albion Pizza Depot for just a few months now, and I sure do love Melba’s cooking! Sometimes, when things get busy here, she’ll let me slice the mushrooms and brew the tea. She also sometimes has me chop the onions, but I don’t really like that job very much. It makes my nose run.

Even so, I think the Pizza Depot is one of the best restaurants around, and I’m so happy the staff lets me hang around and eat all the crumbs they drop on the floor. Sometimes they tease me and tell me they’re going to adopt a dog to clean the floor instead, but I know that will never happen.

Thanks for stopping by!

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