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Macintosh & Jazzy Ciderpants

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Apple Tree Center

500 E Mitchell Street


Macintosh & Jazzy Ciderpants

If you’re lucky enough to live under an apple tree, then you’re probably a worm! No? Then you must be an apple gnome. Macintosh Ciderpants is an apple gnome, and he loves living here at the Appletree Center with his family. He and his wife, Jazzy, have three young apple cores (that’s what they call the littles apple gnomes).

There’s Honeysmith, the youngest, who loves the sound of birds chirping in the morning. Then there’s Pinkyred, the middle child. She enjoys the soft patter of warm rain, and the rainbow that always comes after. The eldest is Nickajack, and his favorite thing is building forts with the pine needles he finds around the neighborhood. ​

The Ciderpants family spend lots of time at night checking the streetlamps around town to make sure they’re working correctly. They want to be sure that all the children who come to the Appletree Center are safe when the walk after dusk. You never know whether a children-tripping troll might be lurking nearby. Luckily, trolls don’t like bright lights, so as long as the Ciderpants family keeps the streetlights in good working order, all the children can feel safe here on Mitchell Street.

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