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Assurance Title Company

102 E Main Street



In the magical land of Assurance there is a beautiful fairy named Carly who has long, wavy blonde hair and green eyes the color of grass. Carly is kind to everyone she met. As a magical fairy, Carly’s main purpose is to protect the Enchanted Lands of Noble County.

To do this, Carly works with the Ladies and Lords of government, as well as with lawyers, bankers, and real estate agents. Carly gathers information from people and fairies to help them acquire new land, borrow against land, or sell land – depending on what each one wants to do. She goes to the house of Courts to begin searching and reviewing the Ancient scrolls. Carly checks the scrolls to find proof of ownership of the land, where and how the land is being used, and other important details that need to be discovered before the land can be bought or sold. Once the Ancient Scrolls have been verified, Carly is finally able to finalize the new Keeper of the Land, also known as the Title Holder.

Carly is a very hard worker, and helps hundreds of people, fairies, and other sprites throughout the Enchanted Lands of Noble County each year. If you get a chance, be sure to thank her for her hard work and protection of our properties!

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