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Gem Mining Gnome

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Betty Lou Designs

219 S Main Street


Gem Mining Gnome

Once upon a time, in a little town of Kendallville, there was the cutest little shop called Betty Lou’s Designs. Inside that shop window, there was a little door. Many students walked by and wondered who lived inside that little door. The owners of the shop, Andrea and Monica, would hear faint noises as they worked throughout the day. The noises sounded like little bells but the ladies could hardly hear the sound. The bell sound was so faint.

One day, Andrea decided to open the door and send in a miniature, camera drone. To the lady’s amazement, they couldn’t believe their eyes! They saw a tiny gnome pounding rocks with the smallest pick ax they had ever seen. The gnome was very tiny and green. He had an orange hat on his head that was pointed. The gnome was a miner. He was stacking rocks and the diamonds he had mined.

All of a sudden, a troll appeared out of nowhere, and started stealing the diamonds from the gnome. Andrea flew her mini drone into the troll and knocked him over! “Who pushed my tush?” said the troll. The gnome stood up and yelled, “Give me back my diamonds!” The troll responded with tears streaming down his face. “I need the diamonds to save my family. We are starving and we have no food.”

“Stealing is against the law. It is a crime,” cried the gnome. “If there is ever a next time, the KPD and their dragon will be called.”

The troll slowly trudged away and the gnome yelled, “Come back! I have 4 diamonds total. If you help me mine each day, I will give you one diamond to use or sell, to feed your family. Go to Christianson’s Jewelers, down the street, and ask Brecken or David if they will buy the diamond.

With tears of joy, the troll agrees to the opportunity. The troll says, “Do you own this store?”

Thoughtfully, the gnome says, “I do not. It belongs to two ladies named Monica and Andrea.”

The troll responds, “If you give each lady, one diamond, as payment for mining in their store, then we have a deal.”​

The troll and gnome shook hands. They loaded the diamonds on the drone. Andrea carefully flew the drone out of the tiny door.

They’re little secret remains in the four walls of Betty Lou’s.

If you visit the store, listen carefully for the faint sound of bells…which we now know, are little friends mining.

Written by Mrs. Sibert’s 2nd Grade Class at North Side Elementary

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