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Dorwin Dinglebutt

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Dorwin Dinglebutt

“There once was a gnome from Gnometucket, who lived in a dome-shaped nut bucket. He ate lots of cheese, and green, squishy peas – and when he grew chin hair, he’d pluck it.”​

Did you like that rhyme? I made that up all by myself! ​

I’m a writer, as you can probably tell. My name is Dorwin Dinglebutt, and I’m a famous gnome author from Higglesburry, Ohio. Well, I might not be THAT famous yet . . . but I WILL be! You can obviously see that I have a talent for writing. Of course, my job here at Black and Ramer is writing insurance policies, but that’s all gonna change when I’m discovered by a famous publisher.​

If YOU could write a story about anything you want, what would you write about? I’d love to know. In fact, feel free to leave some of your own stories right here outside my door. Maybe I can help you get discovered, too!

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