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Berbeard & Riya Dashboomber

Sponsored by:

Black & Ramer Insurance Kendallville

528 W North Street


Berbeard & Riya Dashboomber

Berbeard and Riya Dashboomer are fairly fastidious folks. These gnomes know the importance of keeping things ship shape.​

Never will you see an unattended candle in their window, a drip in the sink or a pot boiling over. Their favorite activities are sweeping the sidewalk, sealing the steps and sawing off dead tree branches before they blow off. In fact, they are so focused on being the fix-it family that they like to help their friends and neighbors shore up their own ‘shrooms and stumps.​

Since safety is of such significance to Berbeard and Riya, they even keep a light on at night so all who pass by after dark can see where they are going.

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