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Jedadiah Finstermaker

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Brick Ark Inn Bed & Breakfast

215 N Orange Street


Jedadiah Finstermaker

Walk through the gentle doorway which leads to the home of Jedadiah Finstermaker and his wife, the fairy princess, Jessikabel. Jedadiah and Jessikabel have made their home here for some time, and love living at a Bed and Breakfast. They greet every guest and help with the luggage whenever they can. Jedadiah likes to mix up the luggage and put it in rooms where it doesn’t belong, but Jessikabel knows that her husband likes to jumble up the guests’ belongings and uses her magic to put everything back where it belongs.​

The Finstermakers love to help out in other ways around the Inn, as well. They both love to garden, with Jedadiah planting tomatoes, herbs, zucchini, and squash; and Jessikabel tending to the flowers with her special fairy dust to keep them looking beautiful all year round. Jedadiah keeps things watered by getting other nearby fairies to bring tiny thimbles of water, giving each flower and plant the perfect amount.​

Jessikabel likes flowers so much that she sometimes plants them in unexpected places. For example, sometimes guests at the Inn will find flowers growing in the bathtub and on the bed pillows. And of course, the Innkeeper appreciates fresh flowers in the dining room for all to enjoy. She is always surprised to find fresh flowers of every color, size, and shape in a beautiful vase at the center of the dining room table.​

The Finstermakers earn their keep helping out around the Inn, but there is one chore they don’t really enjoy…and that is washing the dishes! They like to eat any kind of leftovers from breakfast, especially fresh Belgian waffles with whipped cream, butter, and maple syrup. But this, of course, adds to the pile of dreaded dishes. Often, when it comes time to do the dishes, they will fly back to the garden to hide and wait for someone else to do the washing.

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