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Mustachio Muffinmuncher

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Carla's 5 Buck Antiques

227 S Main Street


Mustachio Muffinmuncher

Welcome to Carla’s! the best place to find a special gift for someone you love! I’m Mustachio Muffinmuncher, and I’ve been helping Carla organize her shop for a few months now. I’m a stickler for neatness and order; and spend most of my free time lining up candles, collectibles, coffee mugs, and decorative dishes. Neatness matters!​

Do you keep your own space clean and organized? Well, you should! Messy spaces are a magnet for trolls, who thrive on dirt and disorganization. If you ever need help getting things tidied up, give me a call. I’d be more than happy to help!

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