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Pearly Peppercorn

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Carla's Vendor Boutique

132 S Main Street


Pearly Peppercorn

Shhhh….listen! Did you hear that? That sounded like a flutter. To be more specific, it sounded like a fairy flutter. I should know…I’m sort of a “flutter aficionado.” I can tell the difference between a butterfly flutter, a dragonfly flutter, a ladybug flutter, and about 12 types of fairy flutters. Can you say the same? Probably not.​

Fairy flutters have a very distinct sound – sort of like a hummingbird’s heartbeat. ​

I’m Pearly Peppercorn, and I’m a flutter fairy. I’ve studies the unique flutters of different species for years now. I live here at Carla’s Boutique and Mercantile because I love hearing the sounds of people’s heart fluttering as they shop for items in her unique store. I have heard people flutter over soaps and candles, knitted items, and jewelry, among other things. And every time I hear a new flutter, I am reminded of why Carla’s is so special. Maybe you should come inside and see for yourself?

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