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Thimble Lina, the Happy Sprite

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Caroline's Cottage Cottons

195 Weston Street

Rome City

Thimble Lina, the Happy Sprite

Welcome to the Door of the happy sprite, known as Thimble Lena. She is the sweetest fairy! She has been with Caroline and her family for many generations. For the last 12 years, she has merrily picked up threads and scraps of fabrics and hand stitches them into quilts for little children in need of warmth and comfort. As she stitches, she fills each quilt with a sprinkling of fairly dust, to make each quilt special. Thimble Lena took her first stitches when she met Caroline’s Grandma Mae and has always loved to be creative with a needle. In fact, she is known as a fairy of creative design and loves all the colors of the sunsets that God puts in the evening sky.

Her favorite food is apples. She was a part of Caroline’s childhood, on an orchard, just west of Rome City, and could often be seen racing with the fireflies, on a warm summer’s night. In the Autumn, as the apples were harvested, Thimble Lena would gather the fluffy seed hairs from opened milk weed pods for her bed. As the snows would come, she would ride on the giant flakes and whisk merrily through the air. Thimble Lena always has a smile on her face. If you feel a touch of breeze on your face in Rome City, it is probably Thimble Lena welcoming you. Make sure you give her a smile!

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