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Fitness Fairy April Wrinkleweather

Sponsored by:

Cole Center YMCA

700 Garden Street


Fitness Fairy April Wrinkleweather

What can fit into April Wrinkleweather’s tiny house? A tiny gym! That’s why the Cole Family YMCA is the perfect place for her to live. The staff was so excited to meet her, that they built her a teeny tiny treadmill, weights, and even a pixie-sized pickle ball court for April and her fairy friends.

Just like a lot of humans, April loves to go exploring. Exploring is good exercise, you know! When you’re at the YMCA, you might see her flitting around the flowers, putting her feet in the pool (‘cause her wings can’t get wet), or keeping an eye on the kids in the preschool or child care center. Sometimes she even likes to hitch a ride on the pedal of one of the stationary bikes!

April loves fitness, but she also loves to eat! What do you think a fitness fairy has in the fridge? Plenty of fruits and vegetables, of course. A balanced diet and plenty of exercise are important for a fairy – and for people, too, says April. She thinks it’s a good idea to ask the YMCA staff for tips on how to stay fit and healthy, just like she does!

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