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Mission Fairy Faith Flooneyboots

Sponsored by:

Common Grace Ministries

2004 Dowling Street


Mission Fairy Faith Flooneyboots

The Fairy Door you see here is home to Fairy Faith Flooneyboots.

Hello, Neighbour! I’m so glad you have journeyed to the Land of Grace. My name is Faith Flooneyboots and I just moved into this beautiful place out here in the country. A good lot of the fairies who live around here live over around Main Street, but I have a heart for the countryside and I was drawn to THIS place for a very special reason.

You see, I have always been able to see the loss of hope in humans. It’s a sad thing, you know. It’s like the very light in their eyes goes out and they skitter about looking for hope in all the wrong places. It really is very dreadful, but the good news is that they don’t have to live on like that and that’s why I am here. I am a mission fairy and this is my mission field.​

You see, I grew up in a house of worship in the old country and my mother gave me the lovely name of Faith because she said she saw hope in my eyes the very day I was born. Why not the name of Hope, you ask? Because hope, Dear One, comes from faith…and so here I am. The bringer of hope.​

Unlike other fairies, I don’t need pixie dust because my special ability comes from a gift my Father gave me called Spiritus. I never have to worry about running out of it and I always have plenty of it to share with the neighbors here in the Land of Grace. ​

I am so happy to be a part of all the good things happening here in Grace. The new gardens have just been named “Healing Fields Gardens,” and soon vegetables will be planted to bring hope to those with hungry tummies. A resting garden is being grown little by little to give people hope for peace in their very souls. I am secretly hoping there will be berries to go with the vegetables. Until then, it would be just lovely if you shared vegetables from your own garden with the people here in Grace. We do so want you to help us help others eat healthy.

Until we meet again, if you look up and see my swing moving, look very closely. I might just be enjoying the breeze and showering hope on all who come…including YOU!

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