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Socrates Von Dewey

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Community Learning Center

401 E Diamond Street


Socrates Von Dewey

Don’t be fooled by this ordinary looking door, for hidden within this door is a magical creature whose name is Socrates Von Dewey. Socrates, or Socky as the employees of The CLC like to call him, is a quick-witted little fairy. If you should catch sight of him, don’t be fooled by his disheveled appearance or tilted glasses, as he is known around the fairy community as a leader among his peers. His favorite pastime is reading and that is why, if you were able to fit through this tiny door, you would see his favorite chair, warm light and bookshelf full of folktales and folklore and heroes and heroines.

Most recently, Socky has been sighted around the fairy community, arranging meetings with all of his fairy friends – nearly 40 of them, I am told. In the darkest hours, when the moon is bright, they sneak through the back door of his house into the CLC. It has been said, they creep quietly through the hallways and gather around the CLC Boardroom table, discussing long into the night. You see, part of Socky’s mission and purpose is to connect with his friends, make Kendallville a better place to live, AND secure their future so that they may continue to be happy and healthy here.

Socrates Von Dewey is a fairy ahead of his time, and certainly unforgettable among his fairy peers and friends. He believes in learning, leading and loving others. He was taught early on that readers really ARE leaders…

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