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Al�way Backbent

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Cripe Chiropractic

118 E Main Street


Al�way Backbent

Dr. Clarence Gonstead, who developed the Gonstead method of Chiropractic, lived in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin – also called the “place where trolls play.” Unlike other types of trolls, the trolls from this region bring good luck and protection to people and their homes.

When Dr. Cripe visited Mount Horeb two summers ago, he met a troll called Al’way Backbent. He talked the troll into coming to live in Albion by offering him free Chiropractic care. This was something he really needed, as his long nose and big pot belly put a lot of strain on his neck and back. In return, Al’way agreed to bring good luck to his new town.

So, Al’way packed his meager belongings and moved to Albion with Dr. Cripe. He is so happy here and so much more pleasant to be around! He hopes he might even find a nice lady troll to court.

There is ONE thing that visitors to Al’ways door should know. Cherries are his favorite snack, and he usually throws the pits out onto the sidewalk. He finds it quite entertaining to see people hop around trying to get the pits out of the treads of their shoes. So…as you pass his door, watch your step…because if that were to happen to you, it would be the pits!

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