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Chrysanthemum Carrotmuncher

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DeCamp Gardens

1165 N 75 E


Chrysanthemum Carrotmuncher

Have you ever been to a plant nursery that has so many different items that you almost can’t decide? Should I pick the tomato plants or the fresh eggs? The zucchini or the dried soup beans? The geraniums or the petunias? How on earth is a fairy . . . uh, I mean, customer . . . supposed to decide? It can be tough, but the good news is that I’m a garden fairy, which means I’m an expert in helping customers find exactly what the need – even when they aren’t sure themselves!​

My name is Chrysanthemum Carrotmuncher, and I work very hard to help the customers here at Decamp Gardens to choose the items they need to purchase. I even help them with planting advice. ​

I can’t wait to help YOU pick out the pumpkins, plants, and other items that you need for your own home.

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