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Jose Javier Hungerpepper

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Don Chico's

903 W North Street


Jose Javier Hungerpepper

Have you ever had a bad taco? I haven’t! In fact, tacos are the only thing I eat! I like mine filled with steak, cheese, cilantro, onion, and a whole lotta jalapeno peppers! Mmmm . . . doesn’t that sound tasty???

My name is Jose Javier Hungerpepper, and I’m a taco troll of the Tortillarita clan. My ancestors actually invented several types of tacos when they settled here in Noble County. They practiced with a variety of ingredients, including mouse meat, foot cheese, and booger sauce. (That one didn’t turn out so well).

Omar, the owner here at Don Chico’s, hired me to shred the cheese and salt the tortilla chips before they are served to the customers.

Lots of trolls get a bad rap for pulling naughty pranks on people, but I like to think that I’m different than other trolls. I would NEVER pull a prank on someone -- unless, of course, there’s a taco involved. So, if you come to Don Chico’s and order tacos, be sure to keep a close eye on your plate – as I can’t promise I won’t take a few tasty bites for myself.

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