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Healing Fairy Dr. Dunagan

Sponsored by:

Dr. Christopher Frazier - PPG

326 Sawyer Road


Healing Fairy Dr. Dunagan

Welcome to the home and office of Dr. McDunagan; fixer of injured fairy wings, too-much-honey tummies and everything in between.

McDoc, as he is called, is considered the best gnome doctor in all the land and is loved by everyone in the county. Last year for his 70th birthday, to show their appreciation, everyone surprised him with a vacation by the sea. As much as he was thrilled with seeing the sea for the first time, most of his time was spent worrying about the wellbeing of those back home.

He is usually out on calls traveling by his trusty falcon “Forest” who can quickly get McDoc to his injured patients. His wife Nivea keeps him well fed with her amazing gooseberry pies and stews. Can you smell them? After 50 years of marriage, he still looks forward to her wonderful meals after his rounds. He and Nivea often sit outside when the weather is nice, and watch the passing trains.

If you have a medical emergency, please contact McDoc by using your local dragonfly hotline. Also, when the office is open, visitors are welcome to come inside and greet the friendly staff!

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