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Terry T. Troll

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Edwards Floor Covering

496 Kelly Street

Rome City

Terry T. Troll

Hi! My name is Terry T. Troll. I live in a nice little corner of a dome. The building is very unusual because it is rounded. It is just like a roll of carpet! It is called a Quonset Hut. ​

I have lived in this dome since 1963. I like to say I am a color master. I come out at night and give names to new carpet samples as they arrive. Green is my FAVORITE color. There is forest green, olive green, ivy green, avocado green, mint green and jade -- just to name a few. My favorite of them all is GRASS green. ​

The business here also has hard flooring samples. I give names to all of them, too. Teehee. While giving samples their names, I like to play on the rolls of flooring out in the warehouse.​

I hear someone coming it must be 9:00 a.m. It’s time for me to rest my head. As I snuggle in for the rest of the day, I dream of rainbows and how lucky I am to be in a town called Rome City.​

Good day to you all,
Terry. T. Troll

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