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Daisy Mae the Garden Gnome

Sponsored by:

Fancy Flowers

907 Kelly Street

Rome City

Daisy Mae the Garden Gnome

Daisy Mae lives in the walls of a flower shop, and it is her favorite place to be. She is a cute, fun-loving gnome with lots of amazing abilities. She works really hard at bringing joy to others. Her favorite time of the year is Spring and Summer. She just can't wait to smell the flowers and put her hands in the soil of her vegetable garden!​

Daisy has magical powers, one which allows her flowers to bloom beautifully, just by the simple touch of her small fingers. she picks these and leaves them for the shop keeper, who arrives every morning to find all sorts of beautiful flowers. With a smile on her face, she always says the same thing..."I wonder where these came from?"​

Daisy has a special magical song she sings to all the plants in her garden, as she sings they grow big and strong and produce so many fruits and vegetables. Daisy secretly fills the shop's Farmers Market with her delicious produce. She loves to share with everyone. When customers ask where all the wonderful veggies came from, the shop keeper just smiles and says "It's a secret."​

If you happen to stop by the flower shop, listen quietly and you may hear Daisy singing her little song. And -- if you are lucky -- you may catch a glimpse of her yellow polka dot dress and little red hat skipping through the flower shop (her favorite place to be!).

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