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Fashionista Flatfoot

Sponsored by:

Fashion Farm

1680 Lincolnway West


Fashionista Flatfoot

Fashion Farm is famous is this area for their Pumpkin Fantasyland event in the fall. But what some people might not know is that Fashion Farm is open year-round as a restaurant and garden nursery. ​

I’m Fashionista Flatfoot and I’m a garden gnome that lives and works here on the property. My job duties change from season to season. For example, in the spring I focus my time on watering the flowers, dusting the cash register, and putting the tags on the garden décor; but in the fall my duties change to carving pumpkins, baking pumpkin bread, and shucking corn from the corn maze.

When it gets colder in the winter, I work in the restaurant’s kitchen as a soup taster. I make sure that all the soup is piping hot and delicious before it gets served to our diners. What’s your favorite soup? Mike is dandelion soup topped with pine nuts.

Mmm . . . it makes the whole kitchen smell like a grassy field in summer.

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