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Treasure Hunting Fairy Genie Gingersnap

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Frick Services

113 N Main Street


Treasure Hunting Fairy Genie Gingersnap

Some fairies really are blessed with the most extraordinary magical powers. Such is the case with Genie Gingersnap, a treasure hunting fairy whose door lies just outside of Scott Frick’s CPA office in downtown Kendallville. Genie (aptly named for her exquisite powers of finding hidden treasure!) is the “real” brains behind Scott’s CPA business. She spends most nights in the office pouring over files as she looks for ways to save client’s money while finding them the oft elusive treasure hidden within.​

Some say she’s a bit like Santa Claus, as she always rewards the “good” clients with a bit of extra magic. She chooses these clients very carefully, noting that the ones who are the MOST generous and kind to others always get a plentiful pinch of magic fairy dust, which has been known to turn even the smallest of coins into riches beyond imagination.​

When Genie isn’t hunting treasure, she enjoys knitting sweaters from the fur shed by Scott and Cindy Frick’s three beloved Golden Retrievers and collecting acorns to share with the neighborhood squirrels.​

Genie’s favorite color is green, and if you look closely, you can sometimes see some of her green fairy dust scattered about her doorstep after a long night’s work.

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