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Princess La La Maryposa

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Hickory Creek

1433 S Main Street


Princess La La Maryposa

Welcome to our home here at Hickory Creek. I am Princess La La Maryposa, but you can call me Mary, for short.

I live here with my fairy husband, Prince Rasmus Mac Navi. We are both over 300 years old and have come to live our senior years here. Our ancestor was King Spriggin of Elflands and his queen was Mag Mill, from the Fortress of Apples in the Land of Promise. So, we really are royalty!

Have you ever seen dandelion seeds blowing in the wind? That was us, spreading our protective charms over the good children. If you have ever had a tangle in your hair, that was us, too! We called it "fairy locks" and it is magic that we used on children who do not behave.

We have retired from making those charms and now spend our time here, playing fairy BINGO and helping some of the older folks that live here. We like to whisper in their ears when they forget things, and move items out of the way, so no one trips and falls down. We have to be very careful so no one sees us, but sometimes the older folks swear they have seen little winged creatures flitting about, causing mischief. Luckily, no one believes them.

We hope you can visit with the older folks while you are here, because they have such good stories to tell and love to have visitors. Just remember, when you leave us you should check your hair for fairy locks, because sometimes Prince Rasmus likes to cause a little mischief!

Please come back for a visit. We hope to see you again soon!

Princess La La Maryposa

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