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Pet Healing Fairies Maybelle & Maxwell Rabbitsfoot

Sponsored by:

Humane Society of Noble County

1305 Sherman Street


Pet Healing Fairies Maybelle & Maxwell Rabbitsfoot

The Fairy Door you see here is home to Pet-Healing Fairies Maybelle and Maxwell Rabbitsfoot.

Welcome to the home of Maybelle and Maxwell Rabbitsfoot. These two pet-healing fairies have come to the Humane Society to provide comfort to animals at the shelter who may find themselves afraid and alone after closing time. They can often be heard singing healing songs of joy and solace to the cats and dogs after regular business hours. Maybelle and Maxwell are especially fond of older cats and dogs, because they hold so much wisdom and are generally gentle souls who appreciate a good scratch behind the ear.​

In her spare time, Maybelle enjoys knitting tiny sweaters as gifts for other fairies, using the fur that is shed by the animal residents at the shelter. Maxwell, on the other hand, is a bit of a prankster, and often uses lost whiskers to tickle the ankles of the children who visit the shelter.

Maybelle and Maxwell’s last name is derived from the good luck they provide to animals seeking a “forever home” (they have a knack for pairing owners with the perfect pet). They would never, of course, own a REAL rabbit’s foot…they love animals too much for such nonsense.​

If you would like to leave a small gift for Maybelle and Maxwell, they are especially fond of pictures (hand drawn or actual photos) of pets who have been adopted, as it helps them to remember their many friends who have gone on to lead a better life.

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