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The Tooth Fairy

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Jansen Dentistry

230 S Main Street


The Tooth Fairy

Welcome to the door that leads to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Molar Flossmore. They are Kendallville's resident tooth fairies! In the evenings, they fly to the homs of children who have lost teeth. They take the teeth and leave a special gift.

During the day, they entertain children at Jansen's Family Dentistry. While Dr. Jim, Dr. Doug and Dr. Janaya work on the kids' teeth, the tooth fairies are busy singing, dancing and making funny faces to make the children happy.

Some of the staff at JFD have been known to sing and dance along with them.

During their free time, the Flossmores love to brew their own micro-mouthwash, knit floss figurines and take toothpaste bubble baths. Look above you and see the tooth they built many years ago as a secret signal to other tooth fairies that they are welcome anytime.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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