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Knowme Gnomes

Sponsored by:

JM Turner

1847 Ida Red Road


Knowme Gnomes

The Knowme Gnome Family has finally found a home where they can greet children – right here at the counseling office of Jennifer Mertz-Turner and her therapy dog, Bobby. The Knowme’s are very social and always eager to get to know visitors and make new friends. They can be a little shy at first, but you may catch a glimpse of them playing or resting by a tree. The Feeling Fairies visit often, telling stories and making them laugh when they are feeling worried or sad. The Feeling Fairies remind the Knowme’s that it’s ok to talk about their feelings. They always feel better when they do — that’s why kids come visit Ms. Jen and Bobby too.

Since the Knowme’s moved in, a few Trouble Trolls have knocked on their door. Trouble Trolls are often pranksters and cause lots of distress for the Knowme’s . . . like when they make fun of their big noses or mess up their stone towers. The Trouble Trolls even try to steal the jewels from the hidden treasure chest that the Knowme’s safeguard for the Feeling Fairies. The Feeling Fairies gather these little jewels and gems, which are made from the tears and laughter of children all over Noble County. These gems are so special that they need to be hidden from the Trouble Trolls’ sticky fingers. Kids that visit Ms. Jen and Bobby may get some gems to take home to hide from the Trouble Trolls. The Knowme Gnome Family wants kids to know that they are very special, and so they may leave a special gem by their door or under a nearby stone. If you find one, be sure to take it home and hide it from the Trouble Trolls!

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