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Stone & Dusty Trailblazer

Sponsored by:

Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce

122 S Main Street


Stone & Dusty Trailblazer

Stone and Dusty Trailblazer are, well, trailblazers. Traveling through the area in search of a new home, they stopped to water their guinea pigs (the way gnomes like to travel). They ended up on Main Street in Kendallville, where they could smell the garlic of Pizza Forum, hear the children’s laughter filtering out of The Strand Theatre, and see the beautiful cakes on display in Whatchamacakes.

“You know,” said Stone to Dusty. “This could be our gnome away from home.”

“You’re right,” said Dusty. “We’ve been looking for a place just like this, where we can settle down and raise little gnomes.”

They looked around, and saw all the nooks and crannies, perfect for a new settlement of magical creatures like themselves. They decided then and there that this was the place for them. So they found a spot they liked near the Kendallville Chamber of Commerce, burrowed in to the building, and began their new life.

They spread the word about their new town, and soon, more gnomes, fairies and even trolls flocked to Kendallville. The settled all around town, in areas best suited for them. They live in our neighborhoods and business districts; they’re all around us, even if we can’t always see them. We can see where they live, though, and each time we see a door, we can scan the QR code and read that magical family’s story.

Our town is special in many ways, but now it’s magical. We have Stone and Dusty Trailblazer to thank for that!

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