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Protection Fairies Rowley & Rowena Gibletmuncher

Sponsored by:

Kendallville City Hall

234 S Main Street


Protection Fairies Rowley & Rowena Gibletmuncher

Some Gnomes are known for their bravery and valor. Rowley and Rowena Gibletmuncher, the Protection Gnomes who live outside of the City Hall building in Kendallville, are just that kind of creature. They look for danger within the community, and when they find it, they gladly put themselves in harm's way to protect others. ​

Recently, a car was traveling down Rush Street in front of the Gibletmuncher’s gnome home. Suddenly, the car began to swerve carelessly, and it was obvious that the driver was not paying attention and was in danger of causing harm to others. ​

Rowley and Rowena Gibletmuncher quickly ran into the street with small tacks, stopping the dangerous driver in his tracks by puncturing small holes in the car’s tires. ​

Their act of bravery saved a young boy’s life, who was crossing the street just in front of the car.​

It should be said that the Gibletmunchers often use discarded miniature turtle shells to protect them from harm. Others are discouraged from similar acts of bravery without similar safety equipment and proper training.

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