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Nature Fairy Ellenilendell Grawmacher

Sponsored by:

Kendallville Parks Department Bixler

Bixler Lake Beach, near Lake Park Drive


Nature Fairy Ellenilendell Grawmacher

This is the abode of old Ellenilendell Grawmacher, a nature fairy. Her friends, who have mostly flitted away down south, call her Ellie, but everyone else just calls her Grammy Grawmacher. She seldom leaves her home, finding it quite snug in her old age, but late at night she sometimes putters about in the grass, singing beautiful sad songs to the dandelions. The words were taught her by her grandmother, words meant for imparting the wisdom of age, and the dandelions who hear and understand turn white as a result of their new maturity. (Grammy will sometimes take the heads of those who refuse to listen and make a fine wine out of them.)​

Grammy Grawmacher spends her days at the window watching children play and thinking of her children and grandchildren. She has a special magic for healing bruises and hurt feelings, though finding herself shy about big people (even the little ones), she does so quite secretively. She is quite awkward about gifts, not wanting people to trouble themselves, but she won’t refuse a few colorful buds of a flower to help brighten up the house.

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