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Tree Fairies Cora & Cornelius Caladium Culpepper

Sponsored by:

Kendallville Parks Department Campground

Bixler Lake Campground, off Lake Park Drive


Tree Fairies Cora & Cornelius Caladium Culpepper

The Fairy Door you see here is home to Tree Fairies Cora and Cornelius Caladium Culpepper.

Here you find the home of Cornelius Caladium Culpepper and his wife, Cora. These whimsical tree fairies have adapted to nature in a fairly unique way. While Cora, a female fairy, is a fairly good flyer, Cornelius is much more adapted to the canopy – hopping from branch to branch -- similar to a squirrel, collecting tree sap and sturdy leaves along the way. He uses these implements to create traps for small daddy-long-leg spiders and mosquitos, which he then seasons and cooks for a tasty, protein-filled dinner. You’d be surprised what a little chili powder and cilantro will do to add flavor to your everyday insect!​

Cora, in turn, spends her time caring for and feeding her large brood of pet bats. Everyone knows that a bats favorite food is a mosquito! Ha! I bet you thought Cornelius and Cora were eating the spiders and mosquitos themselves! Nope! Basically, this family of fairies are making Kendallville a better place by reducing the number of pesky bugs around the park. They feed the bats, reduce the number of bugs, and make the park a better place for everyone in town!​

When Cora and Cornelius aren’t slaying insects, they typically spend their time making wishes while blowing the tufts of dandelions in the park.

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