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Star Charts Gnome Aldrin Celeston

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Kendallville Parks Department Sherman

SE of Bixler Lake, off Sherman Street


Star Charts Gnome Aldrin Celeston

Gnome Aldrin Celeston was born underground, but his head has always been in the clouds--and above. From an early age he charted and named the stars, and while the other gnomlings were tinkering with discarded toys and broken-down machines, Aldrin tested the explosiveness of various chemicals. (This is why he no longer has eyebrows.)​

He has not yet perfected his propulsion system, but with the use of his telescope and stolen WiFi, he has become an expert on all things astronomical.​

When he is not peering into the heavens or constructing the newest version of his rocket ship (hoping that this one will not crash in a ball of flames like the previous 37), he enjoys watching the latest science fiction films with his girlfriend Luna, who keeps dropping hints that he needs to propose, and soon.​

While Aldrin usually ignores other living creatures, he is often to blame for burnt out bulbs and headlights, because any light prevents him from seeing the night sky as clearly as he wants. He tends to hoard little bouncy balls and small gems, arranging them into fictional solar systems in his basement.

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