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Book Fairy Pepper Pageturner

Sponsored by:

Kendallville Public Library

221 S Park Avenue


Book Fairy Pepper Pageturner

Hello there! You have found the home of fairy Pepper Pageturner. It is likely Pepper has settled in a cozy nook to read her favorite book. Aside from reading, Pepper loves nothing more than helping other fairies, frogs, trolls, and gnomes find the perfect book. Whether it’s Faith Flooneyboots searching for a book with a happy ending, Musashi Munch looking for an action-packed graphic novel, or even cranky Mr. Bixdraggle Grumblebutt looking for a book on mosquito training, Pepper helps them all.​

Every day, Pepper flies from the children’s books to the Playaways or all the way to the genealogy center helping anyone and everyone find the answers and entertainment they seek. Whether you prefer audio books, digital books, or paper books, Pepper knows where to look. Before meeting Pepper, many trolls have claimed they despise reading. Yet, all of them have trolled back to the library for more of her reading recommendations. If you ask Pepper how she does it, she’ll smile and sweetly say, “Reading is contagious!”​

Whatever you do, don’t ever tell Pepper that the movie was better. She may be small and sweet but, as her name suggests, she can be spicy if tested by such a ludicrous claim. Also, remember not to dog-ear any of her books! The only thing to assuage dog-ear instigated anger is a fresh cup of tea and a new bookmark. In the midafternoon, you may find her napping on the morning newspaper. Just don’t wake her unless you want a book - and then she's sure to find you the right one.

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