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Knowledge Gnome Professor Hewitt Wisewicket

Sponsored by:

Kendallville Public Library II

221 S Park Avenue


Knowledge Gnome Professor Hewitt Wisewicket

Greetings young ones and welcome to the Hall of Knowledge. I am Professor Hewitt Wisewicket and I am happy you have come to explore the treasures that lie within these hallowed walls. Within these walls are treasures of facts and information. You might come even come to learn a new skill or recover one once lost. Your experiences here will surely enrich your life. IF, and that is the key young ones, IF you let your experiences from within these walls sink deep into your very being to form the seeds of wisdom.​

For knowledge is one thing, but wisdom, my young ones, is quite another. Wisdom, you see, is gained only IF, there is that word again, IF you USE the knowledge gained within these walls. Knowledge is a phantasmic thing! That is to say, it hides itself if you do not use it. There is nothing more boondoggling than knowledge lost and nothing more marvelous than wisdom gained.​

So enter now, young ones, with your minds alive and hungry for knowledge. Use it well and you will find wisdom one day. As a token of your pledge to open your minds before entering this place, leave something you treasure at my door.

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