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Kimberly Brumbleblinker

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Kimmell House Inn

1397 US Highway 33


Kimberly Brumbleblinker

Traveling to Kimmell is a big of a haul, isn’t it? I appreciate you making the special trip to visit my door!​

I’m Kimberly Brumbleblinker, and I live here at the Kimmel House with my fairy family. My son, Buck, is a real eyebrow-raiser, with his handsome big feet and his beautifully crooked front teeth. And my husband, Bailey, is always swatting flies and scratching his bald head, while turning away all the girl fairies that seem to grovel at his feet. It’s not easy being a fairy with such an attractive husband and son! But it’s a curse I’m happy to accept. After all – not all male fairies can be so attractive. For example, my cousin Kattlebrow’s husband has a tiny button nose, smooth skin, and perfectly straight teeth. Who would want to live with that? Not me!​

Anywhooo…if you ever have a chance to stay at the Kimmel House Inn, you definitely should. Their rooms are delightful, and the staff are all fairy-friendly and attentive. Thanks again for stopping by!

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