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Fairy Tales Newspaper

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Fairy Tales newspaper is bringing you all latest and breaking news from fairyland! Fairies, trolls, gnomes, sprites, pixies, elves, sylphs, dryads, naiads — you name it, we’ve got the scoop on them.

I’m editor-in-chief Blaze Highwind and want to welcome you to the front door of our humble home and base of operations.

A little about me first. I’ve been running the Fairy Tales for more than 10 years and am the latest in a line of really sharp reporters to print our paper. I got my big break years ago covering a major grass shortage that affected centaur nation, causing many of them to move into the nearby forests. I pride myself in producing the best fairy-themed publication you can get your hands on.

Now let me introduce to you to the rest of the staff of the Fairy Tales:

Flint Emptyless is our sports editor. He’s bringing you all the news from the fairy leagues in baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and others. What, you thought fairy-folk don’t play sports like you? Well, sounds like you’ve got a lot to learn!

Lil’ Petey Burgertumm writes about everything Kendallville, every day. While our friends at The News Sun keep track of the mayor and the police and fire departments and all that stuff, Petey is our guy for everything fairy related in town. You’ve probably seen him at your school before and not even realized who he was!

Carmeline Francypants is our life reporter. Basically, she gets to do all the fun stuff! She tells people about all the fun events happening around town and gets to talk to all the most interesting people and then tell you about them.

And don’t forget Mack Loudsneeze. He’s been a reporter for the Fairy Tales longer than anyone else, and a good one at that. His favorite place is the courthouse square in Albion, but he spends lots of time here in Kendallville too! But watch out, just like his name suggests, his extra loud sneezes will scare you right out of your socks.

That’s our staff! Thanks for dropping by and remember to read your Fairy Tales. We put out new editions all the time!

Here’s the latest from the Fairy Tales:

Fairies moving into new East Noble Middle School
By Petey Burgertumm
KENDALLVILLE — School’s out forever at the old East Noble Middle School on Diamond Street, so all of the fairyfolk are moving this summer to the new building.
Fairies are packing up their pixie dust and taking it over to the new school, which will open in August.
“We’re excited to see all the new classrooms,” said Tammy Twinkletoes. “I hope to learn a lot this year about all the human kids who will be starting classes!”

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