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Fairies Gamma (Noni) and PopPop (Raimundo Nonato) Dumpleganger

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Life & Family Services

201 S Park Avenue


Fairies Gamma (Noni) and PopPop (Raimundo Nonato) Dumpleganger

The Fairy Door you see here is home to Gamma (Noni) and PopPop (Raimundo Nonato) Dumpleganger.

We are so glad you stopped by! We are fairylee new in town. Our little twinklebuds are all grown up and have settled in netherparts and our little fairyhood was feeling a might quiety. We were looking for a new place to settle down for our twinkley years and our friends Liv and Uni Way told us all about this place. Uni and PopPop went to Fairylane School together and well…Liv and I became fast friends many moonlits ago. I think that had to do with how much we love having little ones around. She always has a passelboat load of them at her house. Sometimes I wonder if she even knows where they all belong!​

It has just been a joy to watch over the mammas and their own little twinklebuds here. Oh, it has its sad moments, too. The mammas and daddyohs are so fraidy sometimes because they know raising little childeypips like you is an important job, but the humans here are so goodly about taking care of them. ​

Most people don’t know this, but I’m going to share a secret with you. Can you keep a secret, little childeypip? You know when you are in your room at night and you feel like someone is in there awatching you? You never have to be fraidy. It’s just me…Gamma Noni! Sometimes I look like a shadow and sometimes I look like a tree rustlin’ in the wind, but it’s just me sprinkling a bit of sleepydreams over your bed.​

PopPop has a very special secret, too, and this one is REALLY secret. Promise you won’t tell? He is the daddysaint of all little twinklebuds and childeypips everywhere!

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