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Fairy Raylee Twinklebeam

Sponsored by:

Lighthouse Childcare and Learning Service

407 S Cavin Street


Fairy Raylee Twinklebeam

There is a fairy living at Lighthouse Childcare and Learning Service, named Raylee
Twinklebeam. Raylee doesn’t have children of her own, so she loves to be around the kiddos
as they grow and learn in the church!

One of Raylee’s favorite things to do is flit around the infant room, watching over the babies
while they nap, making sure they all have sweet dreams. She often flies into the preschool
room, checking to make sure they have all the toys that they need. If she finds that
something is broken, she takes it back to her house and repairs it right away so it’s ready to
play with the next day. She’s quite a handy little fairy to have around!

Raylee loves it when children leave her little tokens or notes to thank her for watching out
for them. She is right where she wants to be…making sure children are loved and cared for
while having great early learning experiences!

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