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Tanner Tinderblock

Sponsored by:

Ligonier Fire Department

100 S Cavin Street


Tanner Tinderblock

Tanner Tinderblock is a gnome who moved into the Ligonier Fire Department’s brand-new station in 2023. But Tanner is no freeloader! He has an important job to do so that the firefighters can save lives and put out fires.

As you might expect, Tanner - as a gnome - is quite small. That means he’s the perfect choice to make sure that the firefighter’s boots are cleaned, lined up and ready to go after a call, and that the tires on the trucks are in excellent condition. When the alarm sounds, the firefighters can grab their gear and hop in the truck knowing that Tanner has made sure everything is in tip-top shape.

When firefighters arrive back at the station after a fire, exhausted, they can take the time they need to recuperate knowing that Tanner will make sure everything is ready to go for the next call.

In exchange, Tanner has a beautiful new home and eats well because the firefighters love to share their favorite foods from Ligonier with him!

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